YouTube has been consistently ranked as one of the websites in HK based on traffic. By capturing this massive audience, client can effectively achieve objectives such as generate sales, introduce product features, promote brand awareness, drive traffic to website, etc.

YouTube offers different types of ad formats and pricing models, and each ad format will perform differently and require different creative, targeting, budgeting, and bidding strategies. We would conduct extensive research on client’s target audience and their viewing habits, to develop cost-effective budget allocation and bidding strategies. Our objective is to maximize impact by combining creative content that can hook viewers and create a strong impression, with ad placement to reach target audience that are most likely to engage and convert.

Our Work

  • Create YouTube advertising that cater to client’s marketing objectives and selected ad formats
  • Formulate YouTube ad campaign strategies, including budget allocation amongst different formats, targeting tactics based on TA profiles vs. relevant YouTube content, bidding strategies
  • Source collaboration opportunities with influential YouTubers to enhance promotional value
  • Monitor and analyse performance data, adjust and optimize campaign strategies, to improve performance and cost-effectiveness