In today’s day and age, website is an essential business tool that not only provides information about the brand and its products, but it is an important virtual storefront that project the brand’s image and credibility. We construct and design websites with the following objectives in mind: to appeal to the client’s target audience and increase purchase intent, to enhance the cost-effectiveness of online advertising, and to offer visitors a positive viewing experience and increase their browsing duration. By combining a well-constructed website with enticing copywriting and stunning visuals, we assist clients to convert their virtual presence into a tangible revenue-generating platform.

With the implementation of Google Analytics, we can collect website traffic data and perform analyses on the source of visitors, their browsing behaviour and their profile. This enables us to better understand the characteristics of client’s potential customers, offers highly insightful intelligence for clients to enhance their online marketing campaigns, as well as general marketing strategies.

Our Work

  • Plan, design and construct website structure, to offer a positive browsing experience to visitors and prolong their browsing time
  • Develop engaging website content with copy, artwork, photos, and videos, to transform website into an effective business driver
  • Set up online shopping/payment functions and order management tools
  • Utilize Google Analytics to collect intelligence on visitor profile to better understand the characteristics of potential customers
  • Analyze website traffic data such as source of visitors and their browsing patterns, to enhance effectiveness of online marketing campaigns