Unlike what some clients may think, not all noise is good noise! A well-executed KOL marketing campaign should not only creates buzz, but it can also be a highly persuasive and cost-effective marketing tool. Whether the KOL reaches fans through blog, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, or other platforms, the “right” KOL with the “right” content angle can be extremely effective in promoting products in a relatable, credible, soft-sell manner, with a “personal touch” by which the KOL can relate to his/her fans.

We conduct comprehensive screening on prospective KOL’s content quality, fan base composition, engagement rate, image of the KOL, etc., to select candidates that offer a best match with client’s brand image, product characteristics, potential customer profile, and marketing objectives. Further, we assist clients with formulating different content positioning, that can highlight client’s product benefits in the most relatable ways with the KOL’s fan base.

Our Work

  • Match clients with KOLs who can truly create a positive impact
  • Content angle planning, by assigning different types of angle that can resonate most with each of the selected KOL’s fan base
  • Formulate strategies on disseminating KOL contents, to ensure that marketing message can penetrate different circles of potential customers