According to Google, advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads*.

Google Adwords can effectively reach out to potential customers actively searching for content related to client’s product.  It can also generate significant free exposure due to its PPC (pay per click) pricing model. We would evaluate client’s budget, search frequency of adwords, competitor’s adwords bidding strategies, in order to tailor-made a well-balanced campaign that can achieve the dual purposes of free exposure and high-quality clicks.

Google Display Network (GDN) offers a platform for clients to place advertisements in a variety of popular websites. With attention-grabbing visual or videos, combined with targeted delivery, it is a highly effect brand building tool. Since it is based on a PPC pricing model, we can assist clients with evaluating performance of different website’s placement, and adjust our bidding strategies accordingly for maximum effectiveness.

Our one-stop-shop service includes copywriting and production of Google ads, formulating and execution of campaign strategies, monitoring and optimization of campaign strategies, which is extremely important due to the dynamic nature of the bidding environment.

Our Work

  • Develop strategies for Google Adwords campaign, including selection of adwords (no limit), target audience profiling, budget allocation, bidding strategy
  • Develop strategies for Google GDN campaign, including selection of placement website, selection of context placement locations, target audience profiling, budget allocation, bidding strategy
  • Creative development including copywriting of ad content, production of different versions of image or video ad
  • Monitoring and optimization: adjust budget allocation, bidding strategies, ad content targeting, adwords /website/context selection and so on, to enhance return and deliver maximum impact for client