We formulate our client’s social media strategy based on extensive research and analysis of client’s brand positioning, product properties, purchasing habits, profile of target audience, amongst other factors; to draw insights into generating creative content angles and attention-grabbing artwork. This in turn can encourage target audience’s engagement with our client’s brand.

At Noisemaker, we recognize that our clients’ first and foremost KPI should not be the number of “likes”, but rather revenue or ROI. As such, our solution is based on the principal of reaching the “most likely to buy” target audience with a content angle that is the most persuasive and engaging, delivered to target audience by a cost-effective boosting strategy.

We apply a “micro-campaign” strategy by which we constantly evaluate and optimize multiple boosting scenarios, to adapt to marketing and bidding conditions and maximize the impact of our client’s boosting investment.

Our Work

  • Formulate overall social media strategy based on client’s brand positioning and product characteristics
  • Create social media content that resonates with client’s target audience, to generate engagement and purchase intent
  • Develop advertising placement strategies with the key mission of increasing sales for client’s products
  • Micromanage, optimize, and improve advertising placement strategies to enhance cost effectiveness and return on investment