The mathematically driven approach adopted by our marketing analytics team helps clients maximize the return on their marketing investments.

One of the key challenages for marketers is the inability to know how effective their marketing activities are. While marketers may have some idea on how many exposures each marketing activity delivers, they often have little idea, or are misguided, about how much actual sales is driven by each of their marketing investments.

Without this knowledge, media planning evolves around how to spend their marketing investment to maximize exposures or "buzz", when in fact, the real question should have been: “how should you plan your marketing mix to maximize sales?”.

Our analytics approach offers a clients a quantitative, scientifically-proven solution that takes the guesswork out of media planning.

Utilizing time-series econometrics modelling techniques, we can help clients accurately determine how much sales is driven by each marketing activity, providing a reliable assessment of the ROI on each of their marketing activity investment.

Our marketing optimization analytics solution delivers actionable recommendations for clients on how to enhance the return of their marketing investments. Since our recommendations are derived from unbiased and quantifiable measurements, they are highly reliable in helping clients optimize their marketing mix to achieve the target of sales maximization.

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